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Jazherah MacMornna

It sounds like a great alternative, but not workable for people in very modest income brackets as this system doesn’t pay the vet directly.
Plus it would be nice if an insurance plan was combined with a good wellness plan program.

Yes, I’m aware that everyone says it’s cheaper to pay out pocket for wellness. Perhaps true in some areas, but not San Francisco. We have the most expensive vets in the country. Indeed, I’m considering moving to Denver to be near Dr Jeff who’s prices are amongst the most reasonable in the Western US.


Thank you for both of the interviews about Eusoh. I had no idea this alternative existed! What are your thoughts about Eusoh not having a veterinarian in their leadership or advisory team? As a vet, it makes me a little uneasy when a group of people that have no veterinary background are making big decisions about our industry. Kamrava even mentioned that they are still learning a lot - that learning process would be greatly enhanced with the input from a veterinarian.

Doug Kenney

I agree with you, but I take some comfort in the fact that Allen is a physician and can relate at some level with the plight of the veterinarian. But, I think he would be the first to tell you that he's discovered there are some real differences.

I think a lot of the "learning" he referred to is related to this, but perhaps moreso from their product being a different model from insurance so they are the "pilot program" for this model.

Several pet insurance companies don't have a veterinarian on their staff, but have relationships with veterinarians as consultants. I would not be surprised if at some point Eusoh doesn't either have a veterinarian on staff or at least as a consultant.

Doug Kenney

I appreciate your comment and perspective. Do you have pet insurance currently?

Just from visitors to my blog, there seems to be a growing sentiment toward direct pay options. I think Allen did a good job talking about potential dangers with direct pay. To my knowledge only Trupanion has an established direct pay model through their Trupanion Express software if a veterinary hospital participates in the program. Read more about direct pay -https://bit.ly/2DDVAen

Having a pet insurance policy along with some savings and a line of credit is one way for a pet owner to maximize the dollars they spend on their pet's healthcare. I certainly sympathize with the cost of living in California. My daughter lived in the LA area for 7 years before recently moving back to Tennessee.

From my experience in private practice as a veterinarian, there are almost always lower cost alternatives for wellness care. Wellness care, by definition, is expected care every year and can be planned for and saved for.

Jazherah MacMornna

Hello again,

I meant to ask you if you plan to interview someone at the newest company, Spot Insurance?
Ceaser Milan is on the board of directors and he most likely has a unique perspective on pet insurance.


Yes, I have an interview with the President of Spot pet insurance scheduled this week and it will be published soon thereafter. He will explain Cesar Milan's involvement with the company.

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